The simple yet most effective visual arts mapping project was demonstrated at this New technology campfire. The Mapping Zone, which is made up of videos that match the theme of the traditional Korean big drum performance, provided a venue for direct demonstration using MIDI.




The multipurpose vertical riser is the best alternative to solve the projection bar, the auxiliary barant and so on. It can go up to 3M height and can easily and easily be modified to suit the application. Projectors and lighting can be installed, as well as banners, PDPs and various environmental decorations.



It is a Multi lectern that combines the inconvenience of the existing podium and adds innovation. One of the many strengths is the microphone, which is controlled by the speaker's height. Because it can be adjusted wirelessly at a distance of 50M, the convenience of the speaker is guaranteed. In addition, Hybrid, Eco-friendly MICE, as well as high-quality events for the front of the podium is designed to launch profiles and events directly.




A colorful hologram show featuring the traditional Korean big drum artist Kim Bo-sung was held at the camp fire opening performance.

Roofing images have been implemented in the hut, as well as the main image on the theme of "Four Seasons". This double image shows that it is a more in-depth show than the regular hologram show.

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